How much South Park trivia do you know?

South Park is a late night cartoon that runs on Comedy Central. It has grown in popularity over the years. True fans can talk about the show all day and never get bored. They also drive people around them crazy because not everybody likes to talk about South Park.

Are you a true fan of this awesome show? What makes a true fan? Well, a true fan may have all South Park merchandise available or they may just know everything that happens behind the scenes. Do you pay attention to the details in every episode? We shall test that knowledge here. Have fun!

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  1. In which episode did Cartman hold a rock up to a telescope to fool Butters?
  2. How many times did Kenny die in Weight Gain 4000?
  3. What was the name of Randy Marsh's boy band?
  4. Which country was South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut banned in?
  5. Who voiced every single character in the episode, "Not Without My Anus?"
  6. Which episode won an Emmy?
  7. How many celebrities lent their voices to "Chef Aid?"
  8. Which episode does Jesus reappear in after being killed off in season 6?
  9. What was Cartman buying when "Wall-Mart" told him that his friends were trying to hurt it again?
  10. What animal was Stan unable to kill in Volcano?

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Quiz topic: How much South Park trivia do I know?