are you a south park fan?

Most people know about south park, and many claim that they are true fans,but very few qualify. A true south park fan should know all the character's full names, what they look like, who their families are and their catchphrases.

Do you have what it takes to qualify as a true south park fan?are you truly obsessed? Thanks to this wonderfully, awesomely, cool quiz you can find out if you're a true fan or a poser! :)

Created by: elizabeth
  1. kenny's last name is:
  2. Butters' real name is:
  3. Kenny's hair is:
  4. Eric Cartman likes to say:
  5. stan's girlfriend's name was:
  6. kyle is:
  7. stan's dad is a:
  8. kyle's little brother's name is:
  9. Cartman's mom is a dirty slut
  10. the south park 3rd grade teacher is:
  11. stan's coat is:
  12. do you think you are a south park fan?
  13. am I awesome?

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Quiz topic: Am I a south park fan?