Are you a South Park Nerd?

South Park. Two words. One great show. Words have been made famous by it - words like dude, fatass and other great words. But what is a South Park Nerd?

By taking this quiz, you can find out! Whether a dimwit or a super-intellegent, if you watch South Park it doesn't matter because these questions are super-easy!!

Created by: A random person you don't know

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  1. In which episode of South Park does Cartman kill a boy's parents then forces him to eat them?
  2. What does Cartman wear? No looking up pictures on Google!
  3. In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, what is Wendy's new boyfriend's name?
  4. Who's mum is Sheila?
  5. In the episode "Raisins" does Stan begin hanging out with:
  6. In the episode with Michael Jackson in it, what does he call himself?
  7. How many buttons can be seen on Cartman's shirt?
  8. In the episode "Imaginationland Part Two", who gets killed by Manbearpig?
  9. Also in the episode above, who gets sucked up into Imaginationland?
  10. In "Guitar Queer-o", what other game does Stan buy?
  11. OK this is a random question. Who's your favourite character?
  12. Last one now! What is funnier - a giant douche or a turd sandwich?

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Quiz topic: Am I a South Park Nerd?