Are you a South Park expert?

South Park is such a hilarious cartoon, and it has so many fans. How could it not? Do you ever wonder how much you know about South Park? Do you know all of the trivia that surrounds this show?

Not many people pay attention to every tiny detail in South Park episodes. This quiz will evaluate your level of South Park knowledge. It will be tough; these are not simple questions. However, this quiz will most certainly be a blast for those who watch South Park everyday, so enjoy!

Created by: Fanatic
  1. Who was Butters' "girlfriend" in Season 7?
  2. Cartman danced with cardboard cut-out of a celebrity once. Which celebrity was it?
  3. Which woman played the role of Mr. Adler's long lost loved one in "Tweek vs. Craig?"
  4. Which ride broke down in "Cartmanland," forcing Cartman to hire a maintenance man?
  5. Which "Chinpokomon" doll did Cartman try to take from Kenny?
  6. Whose dead grandmother was dug up in "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery?"
  7. How old was Grandpa Marsh when he celebrated his birthday in the 1st season?
  8. Which of these four was NOT a member of the Super Best Friends?
  9. When building the ladder to heaven, whose car did Cartman take a car seat from?
  10. What did Cartman give all of the hippies he locked in his basement?
  11. What is "A Million Little Fibers?"
  12. In "Flashbacks" in Season 2, which person was killed first?
  13. What was the rabbit's name in "Fantastic Easter Special?"
  14. In the episode "Fourth Grade," how many books did the new 4th grade teacher have to balance on her head and hands?

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