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The Oceania region is home to Australia, New Zealand, and a number of Pacific island nations. This is a small category on GoToQuiz that we hope will grow as more great quizzes are created.


  • AustraliaAre you an Aussie? Find our best Australian quizzes.
  • New ZealandOur category for the best quizzes about this Pacific nation.

Australia Quizzes

  • What Australian capital city should you live in?
    [by: strayamate, rated: rated: 4.34/5, published: Mar 29, 2018]

    Australia is a big and beautiful country, with different cities that each have their own unique vibe. This quiz helps you figure out which one of these…

  • The Land Down Under
    [by: troy, rated: rated: 3.07/5, published: Sep 6, 2006]

    Do you know much about Australia? or Anything at all about Australia? Then why not have a go at this small quiz and see if you can answer the questions i have…

  • Australian Election Trust Quiz
    [by: Stephen, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Nov 7, 2012]

    There are many political parties, but few you can trust. Trust is, afterall, quite exceptional in politics. Which political party is trustworthy? The Greens,…

  • How Aussie are you?
    [by: Aussiewife, rated: rated: 2.62/5, published: Feb 22, 2007]

    Are you a true blue, dinki di aussi ? Have an aussie friend who you speak to regularly and think you know what they are saying? Then this quiz if for you!

New Zealand Quizzes

  • How Kiwi are you? (New Zealand)
    [by: Angus, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Mar 19, 2007]

    New Zealand is rich in history, and as such, New Zealander's and the world's knowledge of this country is low. But don't be too quick to judge this quiz as a…

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