How Kiwi are you? (New Zealand)

New Zealand is rich in history, and as such, New Zealander's and the world's knowledge of this country is low. But don't be too quick to judge this quiz as a knowledge fest, there are many popular information questions here so its not too hard.

Well, more so, proper quizzes to test ones knowledge of New Zealand aren't in place. Well, this one is in place, so test your knowledge here. You could soon be the smartest person IN THE WORLD! No lies!

Created by: Angus
  1. Billy T. James, a prominent New Zealand comedian, once gave the english translation to the Maori word, 'Ko Tanga'. What does this word mean in english according to the late Mr James.
  2. What is the capital city of New Zealand?
  3. Out of the following native birds, which is a prominant NZ icon.
  4. Out of the following, what do you consider to be a common use of wire coat hangers, after they have been manually re-shaped. NOTE: Three options will leave you with the same amount of high points as all are correct. :-)
  5. Colin Meads, a famous New Zealand sports player, is immortilized in which sport?
  6. 'Lemon & Paeroa' is a prominent softdrink in New Zealand. It is synonymous with its current tagline. What is that tagline?
  7. The late Prime Minister David Lange was famous for standing up to the worlds superpower, America, when he closed NZ ports to ships that have:
  8. New Zealands government system is:
  9. The Sky Tower is a sky scraper of what large New Zealand city?
  10. What rank of least-corrupt nation does New Zealand hold.
  11. The Waitangi Treaty, a treaty concerning (in general) Maori and the Crown, was signed on what date?
  12. Georgina Beyer was a Member of Parliament from 1999 until 2007. She was the first [what?] to enter a government (and the mayoral office in 1995) in the history of the world.

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