Relationship quiz FOR GUYS

This is all bull dont read it just take the quiz. Why are you still reading? Do you like apples? I do, they're sweet and tasty. Oranges are good to, unless they have seeds.

Do you like bananas? I do, they have a bad shape though. Do you like grapes? They are awsome, unless they are raisans, I personaly hate them. My favorite is kiwi and strawberries. Delicious.

Created by: EmoSolider of Vclart
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  1. Do you have a girlfriend?
  2. Does your girlfriend call you cute names?
  3. Would you buy your crush/girlfriend cloths, even if you didn't know her size?
  4. Does she "act" when she's with her friends ie. denial?
  5. Do you know her number?
  6. Would you ditch your crush/girlfriend if a friend suddenly invited you to a party?
  7. Pick a place to go on a date.
  8. You wake up after going out with her, your first thought is...?
  9. Would you marry the girl you like/are with?
  10. Do you know her favorite song, color, food, sport and hobby?

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