Which NICE GIRLS Relationship Status Club are you in?

Hello girls...what's your opintion on guys? Are you afraid to begin a relationship or an expert already? Are you in love...or lonely? Do you not care?

Well, THE NICE GIRLS GROUP sponsors four different clubs that seperate people into categories with club names based on TV station acronyms. Take the quiz, find your club, and remember...theres always someone else out there who's in the same boat as you...even if the boats getting a little crowded...

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
i LIVE, BREATH, and DREAM about them!!! so glad i have em!
...love em...but DUNT UNDERSTAND THEM
dont they have...tongues?
ooo wait i no this...aren't they the shovenist pigs who compete constantly? oh wait...no...those are animals
at a sweet sixteen you...
get on that dance floor, act mad gangsta, and hope that the hot boy will see me
can i request thriller?...no?...ok how about bojangles? NO?...u suck mr dj
fifities music is swinging man
why dance when there is delicious food at the table??
ill be a quiet and conservative dancer...most guys like that
Okay...so about dates:
group dates are cool..single dates are like a HORROR MOVIE
pshh dates---yawn--boring!--do someting else with your life
i don't believe that word is in my dictionary...but ill check...nope...not there yet
yeh wat about them? isn't that a daily thing?
every once in a while i get out there...but i dunno im not used to it
ur talkin to the ULTIMAYE PLAYA HERE
on a saturday night you...
go to my boyfriends house and spend some QUALITY time with him ;)
hang out with the peepz, i mean after all theres nothing else to do
sometimes hang with a guy...but i also enjoy being with my pals :)
ill tell u one thing....if its saturday...and its night...im not with a hot spanish dancer man
The disney character most like you is:
snow white, i mean i got lips red as a rose and all the dwarves just love me
sleeping beaty----but at the point where she's still sleeping---i mean prince charming must have gotten into some traffic
mulan, independent and strong
the girl dog from Lady and the Tramp, sharing your spaghetti with that special someone
the little mermaid---searching for my true love though he seems to live in a whole other world
Nemo--where boys and dating are concerned, your a little injured fishey and u just want to go home :/
You see a HOT guy at the mall and:
you check him out and comment that he is one hot tamalie and wink at him
you smile, giggle, and walk into a telaphone pole/tree
you walk right up to him, say "where have you been all my life", begin to make out, and then walk away
you think ok, so he's hot...he's probably a jerk like the rest of them :(
you blush shyly but mantain your consciousness
you say hi and talk for a while and then give him your phone number
In general, you think that the guy worthy of you...
has to have perfect features, a great personality, modest, sweet, smart, and a jock
are you kidding? there is no guy worthy of me
just a sweetheart
does not speak english and prefers to kiss you instead of talk to you
has great conversations
i don't care...any okay guy will do...I just want to get out of this stupid club!
Most people would say that you are:
beautiful and could get any guy you really wanted
sweet, but shy
outgoing and with a great personality
independent and spirited--cant stand just doing something cause everyone else is
hysterical, you make funny noises or just say the right joke at the right time
so cute (as in squeezes ur cheeks and sez "aw ur so cute")
if you were stuck on a desert island with a pretty-cute boy you would...
well...unless he's rele HOT...i'd ignore him
i'd get to know him...maybe he's the man of my dreams
well i need something to entertain me on that island right?
a boy? A BOY ALONE...WITH ME...ON A ISLAND? how awkward! i probly wouldnt even speak to him until two weeks...i need to build up my bravery
i'd trade him to the natives on the island in a bargain for bananas and fresh water
i'd work together with him to get us off the island...and then we'd become the best of friends..and then we'd kiss...and then he'd ask me out
In school I usually...
daydream about my boyfriend during math, text my boyfriend during lunch, talk about my boyfriend during gym, and then the process repeats until dismissal---when i see HIM :)
um..do schoolwork?
get distracted by the guy i crush and am frustrated by this cuz i will never tell him how i feel
have lots of fun with my friends all day and don't really worry too much about guys
have secret handshakes with all my friends and don't care what any one else thinks about it
complain about not having a boyfriend, wanting one, feeling lonely, but still optimistic

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