Are you in an abusive relationship?

A lot of people are in relationships where they wonder if the treatment they are getting is abusive or not. Have you ever experienced anything with your partner that made you question this?

You sexual preference, cultural background, age, occupation, ethnicity, race, gender orientation, religious beliefs, educational background, or relationship status will not affect the results of this quiz.

Created by: thecoalition
  1. How long did it take for this person to want to get to know your family, your body, and everything else about your life?
  2. Has your partner EVER laid their hands on you?
  3. Is your partner an angel one you all the love and attention in the world...then treat you like you are nothing another day?
  4. Was your partner abused as a child, either emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, or other?
  5. Does your partner make you feel as though they are dependent on your being with them (ex. "I would die if I didn't have you in my life")
  6. Has your partner ever tried to persuade you from not participating in an activity in which you would be doing alone/with friends/family?
  7. Has anyone ever told you that a behavior or action of your partner was wrong or a case of overreaction?
  8. Since you have been with your partner, has your self-esteem or self-worth changed?
  9. Are your needs often compromised for theirs, even if it's something of great importance to you?
  10. Were you ever abused, in any way, as a child?

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Quiz topic: Am I in an abusive relationship?