Your relationship. Is it true luv and something real? Is it all f

PLEAZ TAKE DIS QUIZZ!! PLEAZ!! MY FISH DIED!! DO IT FOR MY DEAD FISH!! HE DROWNED!! LOL!!! If you take this quiz, you will be blessed...Is your current relationship tru luv and meant to be,fake, or just a fun flirt wit a friend?? Take this quiz and find out!!

Since you people care so much about dis stupid paragraf, i'll make it nice and cheesy 4 u. this quiz is very exciting and i hope you all like it an discover what your relationship truly is! Good luck to all of you!

Created by: Gigi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long have you two been together?
  2. Generally, the relationship is going...
  3. The last time you two fought wuz...
  4. You and your lover....
  5. You go out...
  6. Which of these quotes best describes your current relationship?
  7. Almost done! Bored yet??
  8. You would describe the element of your relationship as:
  9. Not that it matters (lol), but duz your family approve of your mate?? (Applies to people 23&younger, please)
  10. Last question! Be honest. You took this quiz because:

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Quiz topic: My relationship. Is it true luv and something real? Is it all f