are you meant for each other?

People seem to have a difficult time deciding whether they're in a real relationship or if it's totally bogus! Relationships can be hazardous, or casual. They can be downright crude or polite and sweet. And it all comes down to you!

Are you in a serious relationship? Do you and your significant other have enough "love" to go around for a long, long time? Find out!!! take this quiz and find out how in love you really are and how far you should take your current relationship!

Created by: sabel
  1. It's your birthday, what would your significant other get you?
  2. you're sick and you can't attend your significant others band rehearsal. When you try to explain they...
  3. It's valentines day. you've told your significant other that you want nothing for the holiday. he/she nods. What do you receive on Valentines?
  4. QUICK!! pick one that reminds you of your significant other!
  5. When you're down, can they tell?
  6. if you answered yes to the last question how do they react?
  7. how often would you say you communicate with your significant other?
  8. Which of the following symbols reminds you of your significant other?
  9. You are walking through a forest and you see someone in the distance. Who do you see?
  10. when the phone rings who is normally the first to pick up!?!

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Quiz topic: Am I meant for each other?