What sport are you meant for?

This is a quiz to find out what sport you were truly meant for. You might enjoy playing soccer and baseball, or football and hockey, or boxing and basketball.... but which sport are you really meant for......

Take the quiz and you will know which sport really is yours... Every one likes sports! They might be just a hobby or your life! You might like a lot but are not sure which one is really for you... you are about to find out...

Created by: Connor
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  1. When you play sports are you afraid of putting your body on the line?
  2. Do you train for your favorite sport to make you better? (at home not at practice)
  3. Which sport do you watch on TV most often?
  4. Does your favorite sport include fights or brawls sometimes/a lot?
  5. Do you own a bat and glove?
  6. Have you ever used a punching bag?
  7. Do you own a football?
  8. Do you have a soccer ball at home?
  9. Do you have a basketball hoop?
  10. Do you have skates at home?
  11. Do you play football with friends or on a team?
  12. Do you know what positions there are in baseball?
  13. Do you enjoy shooting hoops?
  14. Have you ever seen a Rocky movie?
  15. Do you know what a "P.K." is in soccer?
  16. Have you ever played street hockey?

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Quiz topic: What sport am I meant for?