How much you watch sport anime?

There are many sport anime genius out there.True geniuses know and dont stop watching sport anime.That is a genius,see the point of a sport anime genius.

Are you a sport anime genius?Do you watch sport anime?This is the tme to show how good and smart you are ate sport anime?If you take this quiz you might find out how smart you are at sport anime!

Created by: Troy
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  1. What sport anime sport is Eyeshield 21?
  2. Which of this sport is a baseball anime?
  3. If you were given a choice of watching an anime which kind of anime would you choose?
  4. Which of this anime is not baseball?
  5. Are you sporty and do you watch sport anime?
  6. Does anime sport episodes affect you from watching it?
  7. Kanou Kyosuke,what sport does he play in Hungry Heart Wild Striker?
  8. What sport does people play in Major?
  9. Do confirm racing as sports?
  10. 1.Do you like running in sports(field or court)or 2.just like serving sports(tennis or baseball)?

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