How Anime Are you

Some people watch anime and some people dont. Answer some questions regarding "how anime are you?" contains about how fan are you and questions about random series and real-life experince

Youll find out how anime fan are... the qestions are based on everybodys experiences and made questions randomly.. some questions are not included based on your point of view coz some of them are similar

Created by: kenshin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you know what anime is?
  2. You watch anime all the time?
  3. How many anime series do you owned?
  4. Do you like to draw?
  5. what kind of genre you like in watching anime /reading manga
  6. Have you been in an anime convention?
  7. Do you Cosplay
  8. How much you spend money on anime per store visit?
  9. how many pokemons in their first release?
  10. Who is Astroboy?
  11. In Dragon Ball Z.. when did trunks came from?
  12. Have you tried watching an anime nonstop?
  13. You speak japanese
  14. You prefer Japanese audio with english subs?
  15. You prefer fan english subs rather than official subs (subtitles)
  16. you buy or download series
  17. You know what is kage bushin no jutsu?
  18. Did anime Influences you?
  19. Are you an Otaku?
  20. how many manga books do youn own
  21. If youre an anime character whose main character are you?
  22. who is your sexiest anime girl charcter
  23. in 20 years later, are you still going to be a fan

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