Which Red Dragon Member are you

This is a quiz that i created involvig my anime characters i created, Yes i am a anime lover so it would be only right that i make a quiz for the anime lovers and the anime livers out there

ANIME FOR LIFE BABY!!!!!!!!live, breath,eat,Anime if you dont like anime you suck and thats the bottom line because The Dragon King Said So but im pretty sure who ever takes this test will love it

Created by: steven
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you are about to act in battle what is your mindset
  2. what is your favorite fighting stlyle
  3. what is your favorite animal from the list
  4. What is your favorite weapon to wield
  5. If you could shot beams from your body were would you want them to come from
  6. which color would you want it
  7. what color would you want your eyes
  8. if you were a anime character would kind of hair would you want
  9. who is your favorite character on Naruto
  10. If you could control elements which one would you control

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Quiz topic: Which Red Dragon Member am I