Know Your Anime Or Not?

What's the difference between an Anime Fan and an Otaku? What do people think of when they hear the word "Otaku" in their heads? How much of your life do you spend on Anime?

Think you know it all about Anime? Test your knowledge on Anime that don't hit the air at 8 PM on Saturday nights regularly. There's more out there than you know!

Created by: Phoenix of The Forgotten Lair
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  1. In the Dragon Ball series, what is the name of Vegeta's daughter?
  2. How many "Espers" were present in the beginning of the movie, Akira?
  3. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, who was the Fourth Child?
  4. In Blood+, how many Chevaliers survived at the end?
  5. In the series Darker than BLACK, how did Hei receive his powers?
  6. In the series Death Note, what is L's real name?
  7. In the series Eureka Seven, who pilots the Gekkostate in the final battle?
  8. In the series Fate/Stay Night, Servant Archer's identity is subtly revealed. Who is he?
  9. In the series Full Metal Panic, who is Kashim?
  10. In the series Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, what suit was piloted by Kamille Bidan before acquiring the Zeta Gundam?
  11. Jigoku Shoujo literally means...
  12. In the series Last Exile, what is the name of the battleship Claus joins?
  13. In the series Paradise Kiss, what place do Yukari and her friends receive in the fashion show?
  14. In the series RahXephon, who is the girl in the painting?
  15. In the series Tenjho Tenge, the Natsume siblings consist of
  16. In Zone of the Enders: Dolores, i - James Links is a...

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