What Sport Are You?

Many people are athletic. Other people prefer to enjoy watching sports. Some other peole want nothing 2 do with sports. Let this quiz tell you which sport u are.

Which sport are you? do you have the skillz to qalify for a sport? Until now you never knew which sport you match. Thanks to my Sports Quiz, you can figure out which sport you are!

Created by: Mikayla
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  1. Do you like sports at all, even if it is just watching them?
  2. You like to run around.
  3. You like to use you hands.
  4. Do you like to kick or wack things?
  5. In soccer, how many players, including the goalie, are on the field?
  6. In softball/baseball, what is round of play called?
  7. In hockey, how many breaks are there during a game?
  8. In a tennis match, if the score is announced as 40 love, what is the score.
  9. In golfing, when you're gonna drive the ball, what is the little thing called that you'd place the golfball on?
  10. Which sports team is the most renounced sports franchise in the world?

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