What Is Your Best Sport?

Football is a hard hitting sport. Hockey is a hard-hitting sport. Basketball and Hockey require to have good aim at a target all the time. Soccer is for people that have self-control to not touch the ball with your hands. But all sports can make you humiliated but you just have to deal with it!

What sport are you best at? You know you probably can't be great at every sport. Also there is sports that you haven't even heard of or you haven't tried it. Try them. Though we can't put every sport in here there is a variation here. So have fun, relax and take the quiz!

Created by: Chris
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  1. How would you say your hand-eye coordination is?
  2. How is your arm strength?
  3. How is your accuracy when you throw a ball?
  4. How high can you probably jump?
  5. How low can you duck?
  6. How well do you know the rules to most sports?
  7. Are you cocky and arrogant or more humble and optimistic?
  8. Do you like team sports or sports that focus on you?
  9. What sport are you best at out of these?
  10. Do you like being humiliated?
  11. Have you asked your crush(boy or girl)out before and they said yes?
  12. How well can you control a ball that you kicked or bounced?
  13. What do you drink out of usually?
  14. Do you like sports?
  15. What do you think is your best sport?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Best Sport?