Extremely hard football quiz

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Created by: Will Robertson

  1. What is Roque Santa Cruz's younger football playing brother's first name
  2. Which club does Brazilian defender Breno play for?
  3. Who was the youngest player ever to play in La Liga?
  4. Where was West Ham Coach and former Italian forward Gianfranco Zola born?
  5. How many First Class and International runs has Sachin Tendulkar scored.(International=Test and ODI)
  6. Dirk Kuyt was booked five times in the Premier League in the season 2006/07.
  7. Who is the youngest player ever to play in the English football league?
  8. How many Premier League goals has Steven Gerrard scored?
  9. How old was Stanley Matthews when he played his last professional game?
  10. Name the commentator who said "They think it's all over, it is now!"?
  11. In what year did Maradona perform the famous "hand of god"?
  12. How many minutes was Gareth Barry on the pitch for Aston Villa during the 2006/07 season?
  13. How many points did Martin Offiah score for Widnes?
  14. How many titles has Andy Murray won in his career?
  15. What is former Australian Batsmen and wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist's middle name?
  16. What is the Men's Long Jump World Record?
  17. Who has won the National Football League the most times?
  18. Where was Ice Hockey first played?
  19. When was it first played at the Olympics?
  20. How tall was Michael Jordan in his playing days?

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