Which Legendary footballer are you??

Has football become too important? When Ivory Coast, qualified for the 2006 World Cup last week President Laurent Gbagbo presented each member of the Elephants squad with a house worth $52,000. He also honoured them with the country's most prestigious award. Often victory comes with handsome rewards, but losing a football match can sometimes be a matter of life and death: coaches get sacked, players are threatened and fans get injured or even lose their lives. What do you think makes football the king of sport? Are we giving football too much attention? Is it killing the passion for other sports? Can we check the dominance of football over other sport? NO - Find out where you should be in the game.

Jose Mourinho went for the slicked-back look at Villa Park on Sunday but his Chelsea players were bedraggled. Roman Abramovich could not hide his frustration. The club's owner is not given to public statements but his decision to remove himself from the directors' box before full-time spoke volumes. Not for the first time, Mourinho found himself and his football under scrutiny. The Portuguese, though, who has brought five trophies in three full seasons, could be forgiven for betraying exasperation. He is aware of the imperative, which has tumbled down from on high, to produce quick-tempo football with the capacity to stir i copy and pasted that cos i cba

Created by: Dave Roberts
  1. When you get the ball in the center circle, what do you do??
  2. You get possession of the ball on the wing in the opponents half, wat do you do??
  3. What is your aim for a match??
  4. Your opposite number is a massive, brute, who starts boasting about his team in an aggresive way. How do you feel??
  5. You need a goal with a minute to go. You recive the ball about 30 yards out. What do you do?
  6. You need a goal to win with 5 minutes left. Do you
  7. What football philosophy do you believe in??
  8. Which of these is your greatest asset??
  9. Which of these is your greatest asset??
  10. Are you a...
  11. Who would who rather be like??

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Quiz topic: Which Legendary footballer am I??