How well do you know English football?

It's quiz time. Who knows football very well? If you do, then why not give this a go. It will be very fun, and very enjoyable, will you do well or not, you can't find out if you don't do it. So give it a try if you think you know football.

Will you be a fantastic football expert or maybe even go on TV, or will you be someone that goes away sad with nothing earned. You should try the quiz if you want to find out whether you REALLY ARE someone with a super football brain. Try it out. If you don't do the quiz. You won't know how good you are. It's as simple as that.

Created by: Nath
  1. Who were the champions of the English Premier League 2008-09?
  2. Who was the last English club to win the Champions league(up-to-date at the end of 2009-10 champions league final)?
  3. Who won the 2009-10 Champions League?
  4. Which team has won the FA Cup the most times (up-to-date after the 2009-10 FA Cup final)?
  5. In 2007-08, which Welsh club got promoted to the Coca-Cola Championship?
  6. Which Premiership team had the most attendance in the 2009-10 season?
  7. Which club is the only team to have won a sextuple in the same season (up-to-date in May 2010)?
  8. Which countries' clubs combined have won the Europa League the most (up-to-date at the end of 2009-10 Europa League final)?
  9. Who were the last Scottish team to reach the Europa League final? (up-to-date at the end of the 2009-10 Europa League final)
  10. Which English club, that in the 2009-10 season is not in the Premier League, reached a Europa League final?
  11. Which English club, were the only English club to win the Club World Cup?
  12. Which Dutch club won the Eredivisie in 2009-10?
  13. Which player scored the fastest goal ever in football?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know English football?