The Football Quiz

there are many quizes about football.why should you take mine? well only football experts can do well in this quiz. if you think you are a football expert i invite you to do my quiz

football is an easy sport to learn but hard to master. if you think you have what it takes do my quiz. i am going to wish you very good luck. if you get all the questions right and you can prove it send me an email at [no emails] and you will win a prize

Created by: Bob
  1. How many times have Chelsea Fc won the premiership
  2. How many games unbeaten did Arsenal go
  3. How much did Leeds pay for Jermaine Beckford
  4. Who is Burnley manager
  5. What club did Chris Smalling go to
  6. Who won the African Cup Of Nations
  7. What was so good about the ACON top goalscorer gedo
  8. Who is currently at the top of the english premier league (4th feb)
  9. What team is managed by Simon Grayson
  10. How much was spent in the english transfer market This january

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