the DOME_DOMEination is required

High School, NCAA, and the NFL. All have heard of athletes playing football in each of these areas, however; what most do not know is there is a place where the most dedicated of playmakers go to become legends. They call it...the DOME.

Do you possess the knowledge, will, and ability to be part of this elite group of football players? Do you dream about and relate every aspect of life to sports and football? Do you strive to be the best and attempt to achieve the fullest in your athletic potential? It will soon be determined. . .

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How often do you attempt to become a better athlete?
Almost never, I'll just play when I feel like it.
Rain or shine, night or day, I'm continuing to become better all the time.
If nobody else is trying, then I wont.
Im not an athlete, and I dont want to be one.
I'm already out for sports, that's enough training for me.
I'll try when I can, I wont go out of my way.
How do you apply your knowledge of football/sports to everyday life?
Everyday, everyway. If not to football, then I can relate it to another sport.
I dont like sports, why would I relate it to my everday life?
If I'm around the right people, I can put in some relation to sports.
Sports belong on my television, other than that, no connection to my life.
Sports are not this important to care about.
I love sports, but applying them to everyday life is a little far.
Where does football rank in the top 5 of your favorite sports?
5 - Its fun and all, but there are a few others that are better.
In the top 5? Not really, maybe top 10.
3 - Its one of the best, though I prefer 2 others more.
Football is not that great, not even top 10 worthy.
1- It is by far the greatest, NFL, NCAA, high school, any of them work for me.
I dont really rank my sports, they're all just good whenever.
How many days a week do you commit to working on your game, ability knowlegde, and team chemistry?
Once a month.
Everyother day, if not every day.
Once or twice a week.
Every other week, or once in a while.
Only during our season I practice, maybe every so often.
Kickers and Punters are considered people.
Defense wins championships.
Offense wins games, defense wins championships.
What do you prefer most?
High School
Backyard Ball
No ball
Whatever, no difference.
What is the most important position/unit in football?
O line.
D line.
It doesnt matter.
How do you want to take part in the DOME?
A captain.
A Starter.
However they need me to.
It doesnt matter, I just do my own thing.
I dont contribute.
A playmaker.
How often do you want the ball?
Every play.
Never, I dont want to be tackled.
Whenever I can get it I'll take it.
Once I touch the ball, mark down 6.
I'm there for the team, ball, no ball.
I wont play.
How much attention do you pay to all forms of football?
I watch all kinds of football, college, nfl, you name it and I watch it.
Just college.
Only high school.
Whatevers on.
Not much if any.
Anything works if I feel like watching football.
How passionate are you about football?
Not at all.
If Im in the mood.
Depends on impact of the game.
Not so much for football, other sports moreso though.
Whenever football is mentioned, Im all in.
What is your favorite defensive formation?
Doesnt matter.
Goal line
How much do you trashtalk?
Never, I leave my game on the field, thats how I talk.
Sometimes...if I make an awesome play.
All the time, I want to annoy my opponent, and let them know how good I am/we are.
Occasionally, just for fun, and they know. Nothing serious.
Not in football, in other sports though.
Ill be in there face, your face, I am the best.
The DOME is the best.
Some people just have too much time to waste.
No, its up there right after Kinnick Stadium though.

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