Water Polo Trivia Test

Water Polo is one of the most violent and misunderstood sports in the game. There are many rules to water polo. This quiz will test you on them. Think u got what it takes?

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Created by: Costa
  1. What does a red flag mean in a water polo game?
  2. What is a skip shot?
  3. How many people (including the goalie) are on the field for 1 team at 1 time?
  4. What setup do 2 teams go into when a person on 1 team is ejected?
  5. What color is a goalie's cap?
  6. How long is a water polo game supposed to last?
  7. What is the person covering thehole set called?
  8. How many seconds are on an average shot clock?
  9. How many refs supervise a water polo game?
  10. Who at the start of a game goes for the ball and who follows him: in corresponding order?
  11. What is a brutality?
  12. How long do you have to stay out of a game if you are ejected?
  13. Last question!!!!!- What is the name of the player who gets the ball after each goal?

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