Final Fantasy VII - Ultimate Trivia

Many people claim to be FFVII fans. I even had one dick who thought he knew more about FFVII than me... what a joke. Didn't even know where you got Omnislash from. Test your knowledge here in my FFVII trivia test.

Think you know your FFVII? We'll find out here. Prove to me that you know as much as you brag. I guarantee this test isn't like any others you've tried.

Created by: Boswique
  1. What was the name of the army that attacked Cosmo Canyon prior to FFVII?
  2. (If you didn't know the first question, quit now). In the Gold Saucer, what is the name of the champion Chocobo rider?
  3. Of all the main characters, how many of them curse during the duration of FFVII?
  4. Throughout the FFVII Compilation, the name 'Project G' is heard. What does the G stand for?
  5. In Advent Children, what is the image on screen when the title appears?
  6. What is the name of Odins sword?
  7. In Dirge of Cerberus, which of the original main characters does not make an appearance?
  8. In Crisis Core, where is the man who mentions the Weapons based?
  9. In Advent Children, all the main characters wear a ribbon around their arm, why is this?
  10. In Dirge of Cerberus, how old is Vincent Valentine?
  11. How many times is it theoretically possible for Nights of the Round to be cast in one fight?
  12. Where is it written "Feeding time that's our chance"?
  13. Which of the following is a weapon of Red XIII's?
  14. In episode 4 of Before Crisis, what is the name of the Champion in Club Duel?
  15. What is the last thing said in Last Order?

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