How well do you know Final Fantasy VIII?

Everyone must have heard of Final Fantasy, one of the most popular game Trilogies on the Playstation. There have been over 10 already, and still more on the way! 1-6 have bad graphics, so lets focus on the better-graphiced ones, shall we?

Let's take Final Fantasy VIII. How much do you know about it? You're never going to know if you don't take this quiz... hint hint. Do well, or do good. The choice is yours! Ah, I suck. Just take the quiz already!

Created by: Jason
  1. What two GFs do you recieve from Quistis?
  2. What two Monsters are obtainable as GFs?
  3. What is Squall's weapon?
  4. Which Garden has Selphie just transferred from?
  5. How many continents are there?
  6. Who possesses both Edea and Rinoa?
  7. What is the Original name of Ultimecia's GF?
  8. What is the name of the spaceship infested by Propagator?
  9. Which Servant is located in Ultimecia's Clock Tower?
  10. What do you use to get from the Wilderness to Ultimecia's castle?
  11. What sucks up Wedge and Biggs on the Comm Tower?
  12. Where does Edea take the SeeDs after they attack her in Deling City?
  13. What must Lunatic Pandora meet before Lunar Cry can take place?
  14. An easy one... how many discs are there?
  15. Which Garden does the Missile Base attack first?
  16. On Which disc does Galbadia Garden attack Balamb Garden?
  17. Which GF casts Reflect on all party members?
  18. Which GF guards the Deep Sea Deposit?
  19. Which monsters do you find in Deep Sea Deposit?
  20. Which player owns a Dog?
  21. Who does Squall eventually fall in love with?
  22. Which GF is obtained using Solomon's ring?
  23. Which GF sacrifices himself to save you during the final battle with Seifer?
  24. Which monster surprise attacks you while you try to save Balamb Garden from the missiles?
  25. What is Boko?
  26. Which GF is obtainable by using the Magical Lamp Cid gives you?
  27. What is the Intro actually based on?
  28. What is Zell renown in the Balamb Garden Cafeteria for?
  29. Where is Raijin in Balamb during Galbadia's raid in Disc 2?
  30. What is the name of the song played during Squall and Rinoa's moment of romance on the Ragnarok and the Ending Movie?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Final Fantasy VIII?