Which Final Fantasy Guy Is Your Perfect Match?

Throughout the years, the Final Fantasy series has offered a handful of numerous characters that have grown on us, and some of which are notably more attractive than others.

Now, determine which Final Fantasy man suits you best in this easy quiz! By answering the following questions, your beau will be revealed within minutes.

Created by: Liamane
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  1. You and your date are casually walking down the street when some guy bumps into you. What does your date do?
  2. What's your perfect idea of a date?
  3. What aspect best turns you on?
  4. What's the perfect pickup line?
  5. It's your birthday! What did your man get you this year?
  6. When comes down to personality, what are you looking for?
  7. If need be, what's your guy's choice of weapon?
  8. You and your man have decided to move in together. Where's the ideal place to live?
  9. You're a bit curious, and you ask your man if he's been in a previous relationship. What's his reaction?
  10. Almost done! Any thoughts?

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Quiz topic: Which Final Fantasy Guy Is my Perfect Match?