What Final Fantasy Character Are You "Most" Like?

There are many video games out there but Final fantasy is one of the best. Not only do the characters have personalities, they have dreams and hopes. It is almost like reading a book, but you are a part of it. So this dedicated to all the final fantasy fans out there. I hope you all enjoy.

It doesn't take too long to take my quiz but I do have meaningful outcomes. My outcomes are not simple you are " Squall Lionheart" and that is all. I am very descriptive. So I hope you enjoy.

Created by: Cassandra Jones
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  1. If you were to live anywhere in the world, which would you choose?
  2. If you were forced to share company with the opposite sex.. On a long journey, and they were really attractive would you??
  3. If you had a chance to find out who you really were, but it would mean risking one of your closest friends life, would you take that risk?
  4. If you knew you significant other had to die to save the world and it was supposed to be that you couldn't' stop it.. Would you try anyway?
  5. If you were to choose a weapon of choice what would you choose?
  6. If you had the chance to dabble in magic.. What would you choose?
  7. If you had to escape from a situation really quickly what would be your vehicle of choice?
  8. If you fell in love, at which moment would you realize it?
  9. If you had to kill someone who would you rather it be?
  10. Could you ever see your self imprisoned for any reason?

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Quiz topic: What Final Fantasy Character am I "Most" Like?