Which Final Fantasy main character are you?

The main characters from the final fantasy series all have a good characterization...well except one. Anyway, the characters have ranged from heartless to happy-go lucky.

So, which are you? There are four possibilites in this quiz (yes, one is the one who isn't characterized). The FF games that the characters are from are VII.VIII.X.and XII Take the quiz to see who you are!

Created by: Zak
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. In a fight what position would you be in?
  2. How physically strong are you?
  3. How many times does your ultimate move hit?
  4. Relationships?
  5. What type of enemy pissis you off the most?
  6. What animal would you compare yourself to?
  7. Ultimate weapon?
  8. Does your personality frustrate your friends
  9. personal motto
  10. What is your most distinguishing feature?

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Quiz topic: Which Final Fantasy main character am I?