Which Final Fantasy Main Female Character Are You?

There Are Many Characters In Final Fantasy? But Which One Are You? Are You The Senistive Kind, Always Happy Kind, Fighting Kind or The Stand-Offish Kind..? Final Fantasy Is A Fantastic Game With Many Great Characters But You Always Want To Know Who You Are..Well Don't Wonder Too Long Just Take The Quiz And Do It..Be Special And Go Round And Tell Your Friends Who Are You?

Now You Can Find Out Which One You Are Now..Until Now You Just Wondered Who You Are But Now You Can Actually Find Out: Who Exactly Are You? Well Get The Chance Just Click On This Quiz And Answer All The Questions And In A Few Seconds You Will Find Out..It Would Be Great Fun I Promise! Have Fun!

Created by: Donna
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If You Moved To New Area, Would You Tell People Your Past To People?
  2. Are You Friendly To Everyone?
  3. Would You Do Anything For The World To Save It?
  4. Are You A Sensitive Person?
  5. Do You Like Falling In Love With The Right Guy?
  6. What Do You Think Of World Happiness?
  7. Do You Like Being Famous Or Not?
  8. What Do You Want To Give People?
  9. Are You Easy To Understand?
  10. "I learned to practice smiling when I'm sad, you know? I know it's hard." True Or False?

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Quiz topic: Which Final Fantasy Main Female Character am I?