How well do you know Dirge Of Cerberus??

There are many people who say they know Dirge Of Cerberus, but do they really think they know it all!! Are they TRUE Dirge Of Cerberus Fans, or are they just bluffing it all??

What about you, are you a dedicated fan, can you call yourself The ULTIMATE when it comes to Dirge Of Cerberus?? Take a chance at this quiz and find out!!

Created by: Lauren
  1. How long after the events of FFVII does Dirge Of Cerberus occur??
  2. How old is Vincent Valentine??
  3. What is the name of the group of people who were trapped beneath Midgar for three long years??
  4. Which of these Tsviets is NOT seen in the English Dirge Of Cerberus??
  5. What is the Final WEAPON??
  6. When will the Final WEAPON be activated??
  7. Who shot Vincent first??
  8. Who is Grimoire Valentine??
  9. What does WRO stand for??
  10. What does the "G" in the "G Reports" stand for??
  11. What is the name of Deepground's and Cid's airships??
  12. What is used to control Chaos??
  13. Who controls Cait Sith??
  14. Weiss The "_________"???
  15. Which of these is another of Vincent's guns??
  16. At the end of the story, where is Vincent "eventually" found??
  17. What is the name of Vincent's Limit Break??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dirge Of Cerberus??