Dirge Of Cerberus, Who are you??

The people in Dirge Of Cerberus have a large range in personalities and characteristics ranging from revenge, saving the world and even bathing in blood!! Do you resemble any of these??

Do you know who you are most like from DIRGE OF CERBERUS: FFVII?? Are you the bloodthirsty Rosso The Crimson, or the fun loving Yuffie Kisaragi?? Take this quiz and find out!!

Created by: Lauren

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  1. A man's very life is hanging by a branch at the edge of a cliff, what do you do??
  2. Choose a colour!!
  3. Your enemy stands in front of you, how do you fight him??
  4. You're outnumbered 8-1, have no weapons, you're bleeding badly and stand several metres from a cliff edge, what do you do??
  5. What is your weapon of choice??
  6. Your enemy miraculously comes back to life, what is your reaction??
  7. What's your choice of clothing??
  8. A fellow member of your side is dying, what happened??
  9. At some point, you died!! How??
  10. What do you love most??

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Quiz topic: Dirge Of Cerberus, Who am I??