Are you Kiba or Gaara

Do you think that you can pass my quiz?! There is no real win or lose on this quiz! I was just kidding! This is one of my first quizzes so please be kind!! No personal information required.

Are you Gaara or Kiba? Take the quiz!! This is my first quiz so it's a little weak but I hope that you enjoy it!!! No personal information is required!! No names, postal addresses!! Nothing!! Just take it and enjoy!!

Created by: Kiba's Girl
  1. You see a dead animal (God forbid) on the side of the road. You.....
  2. Naruto challenges you to a fight! You.....
  3. Hinata asks you to go see a movie with her. You....
  4. Which colour do you prefer?
  5. A kid is lost and is sobbing with all his heart at the mall all alone. You...
  6. You are at Pet-Co for only God knows why. What animals do you go to look at?
  7. When you're outside what do you do?
  8. What song would you like or already have on your MP3 or iPod?
  9. Your room is or you want it to be....
  10. What book would you read if you were made to read one or if you read it all on your own.

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Quiz topic: Am I Kiba or Gaara