What animal are you?

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I love animals and love making quizes so i wanted to make this. i spent a while on this quiz so please rate it. good or bad i dont care. please check out my other quiz, what gone series charachter are you?

what are you? has anyone ever gone in your personal bubble and said that to you? if they have instead of telling them where to go you can yell back "im a _____. so F--- yoou. that is my solution

Created by: alycat722
  1. whats your favorite pastime
  2. whats ur dream guy/gal
  3. what word do u say most often
  4. whats ur favorite color
  5. what exibit do u race to at the zoo
  6. do you enjoyu this quiz
  7. what do you like most
  8. Your are a _____ at ur school/ wwork
  9. if you could have one power youd
  10. last one i swear. do want me to die for making this quiz

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?