Which Lion King 2 outsider are you?

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Have you ever wanted to know which Lion King 2 Outsider your personality is most like? Here's your chance to find out.This 25 question quiz was well thought out, so as to as acurately determine who you are most like! You will share either Vitani's, Kovu's, Nuka's or Zira's personality.

I am sure you will enjoy it, I put quite a bit of thought and effort into it. I love The Lion King and I take alot of pride in making great quizes that are as acurate and enjoyable as I can make them. Have fun and enjoy! Don't forget to comment!

Created by: Vitani

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  1. Which of the following best describes you?
  2. Some kid (not child!) stacks his bike and plants his face into the cement. What would your reaction be?
  3. Are you in love with someone?
  4. You and a friend enter the lotto, and your friend wins $20 000 cash. They decide to put it all in their bank account for the future. What would you do?
  5. How jealous of a person are you?
  6. If you could get away with murder would you murder?
  7. What would you prefer to do?
  8. Are you a show off?
  9. How mean are you?
  10. Have people manipulated and used you for their own benefits?
  11. How hygenic are you? And be honest! This quiz is to see who you are most like!
  12. Do you strive to make others proud, such as family and friends?
  13. Do you have strong determination to achieve something important to you?
  14. Do you think about finding the love of your life?
  15. Which of the following most strongly describes you?
  16. Are you hot headed, do you have a short temper?
  17. Do you listen to mainstream music, are you into the popular trends right now?
  18. Are you a leader?
  19. Pick a saying.
  20. What kind of person are you?
  21. Pick a movie genre.
  22. Do you like having responsibilities?
  23. Final question! Who's personality do you think you share? This question does not contribute to your results, it's just for fun!

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Quiz topic: Which Lion King 2 outsider am I?