your spirit animal quiz

Ever wondered what your spirit animal [what you have within] is click here and find out it does not matter if you are a boy or girl, what age you are it just does not matter you can take it and findyour spirit animal within. remember the result may just define you

an spirit animal is what your spirit and soul is connected to, your very aura, chakra, life energy in animal form.Obviously Idid not put every animal in the world in the quiz just the fundamentals in my mind I hope you enjoy the quiz

Created by: TYRANTULA
  1. which of these is your favorite element
  2. you like...
  3. someone trys to mug you what do you do
  4. what is your least favorite element
  5. your idea of a good time is...
  6. your favorite way to travel is...
  7. how do you feel when someone bullies or torments you
  8. I have ran out of ideas will you help
  9. your friend is sad what do you do
  10. how was the quiz think this question ....

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Quiz topic: My spirit animal quiz