What Is Your Spirit Animal

Only some people ever meet their spirit animal. But in this quiz we will plow deep into your heart and mind and find your true Spirit Animal. we hope we find the right one

A Spirit Animal is your inner animal it is what symbolises you. everyone has one though many can't see it. They guide you when you need them most and are the most common animal you see. if you see the same animal that looks exactly the same and is not your pet. then you have found your Spirit Animal

Created by: CatCentaur

  1. You see a Girl that is injured she is being bullied by some older kids what do you do?
  2. What would you do on your free time?
  3. Do you consider your self cheeky, loyal, selfish, kind, smart or athletic
  4. If you and your best friend were on a bridge and a magical being told you that only one of you could pass. Would you
  5. Someone is going to prison for a crime someone else committed and the police are going to take him straight to jail without a session at court. What do you do
  6. Someone told you that all the people from London had a disease that could kill. And you are about to visit London
  7. Its the first day of school and your entering the yard where everyone is waiting.
  8. What Hogwarts house are you in?
  9. Is Punctuality Important
  10. Do you like to be like everyone else.
  11. If your best friend is being bullied and can't stand up for her/himself.
  12. You and your friend have just entered a fantasy world.
  13. In this Fantasy world a war i going on and they have picked you and your friend to lead them into battle.

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Quiz topic: What Is my Spirit Animal