What Is Your Animal Spirit Guide?

The Native Americans believe that, inside every human, there is a Animal that is suppose to help you make Choices in life. They are called Spirit Guides. These Spirit Guides have similar characteristics as the Human, such as a Innocent and Free Person might have a Butterfly Spirit Guide. Take my quiz to find out what Spirit is directing your life.

The Spirit Guide in your life might be hard to follow if you do not know what it is. Take my quiz to find out what kind of personality is leading you down the path of life. Remember, just because you have a Spirit Guide of a Fish, you aren't stupid and swim around a bowl a lot. They are meaningful and made to make you reflect on your life. Have fun taking my quiz!

Created by: Rachele P
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  1. Your walking around your Neighborhood, when you see your little bother/sister getting beat up. What does your Spirit Guide tell you to do?
  2. What Color Is More Appealing To Your Spirit Guide?
  3. If your flipping through the radio station, which kind of music does your Spirit Guide enjoy most?
  4. Which txt face does your Spirit Guide like best?
  5. Which Element is your Spirit Guide drawn to?
  6. Which Characteristics would you describe your Spirit Guide as?
  7. What time of day is your Spirit Guide most comfortable?
  8. What does your Spirit Animal enjoy eating most?
  9. Which does your spirit guide believe most in?
  10. The Spirit Animal depends on the physical appearance of the Human it belongs to. We can't have a Tiny, Blonde girl with a Lion as a Spirit Animal, right? What is your hair color?
  11. The eyes are the doorway to your Soul AND your Spirit Guide. What color are your eyes?
  12. What is your body type? I know, I'm a fluffy person too and would normally hit the skinnied one, but it changes your result if you aren't honest. If you really don't wanna say, the last result won't count.
  13. I get that some of the questions were a little ordinary but they really do tell me a lot about your spirit guide. Thanks for taking my quiz. Ready for your spirit guide?

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