Which Ascended Master guides you?

We all have light within us. Ascended Masters are great spiritual teachers, and healers, most of who lived as humans on earth. They come from every religion and culture and are nondenominational. I was inspired to create this quiz after working with The Ascended Masters oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Who is your guide? What do you need to learn at this point in your life? Who are my spirit guides? Are there powerful energies that are helping me? Take this quiz and receive powerful light energy.

Created by: Christy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you most often express your creativity?
  2. Which of these female goddesses do you feel most connected to?
  3. What is your favorite animal?
  4. How would you describe you energy lately?
  5. What is your relationship to your loved ones friends, and family?
  6. What are your views about money?
  7. Which group describes your Profession?
  8. If you could change the world what would you do?
  9. Which of these words is most important to you?
  10. What does your diet consist of?
  11. Who is the most important woman in your life?
  12. Which of the four elements do you relate to the most?
  13. What are your beliefs about trust?
  14. Do you have hard time dealing with negative energy?
  15. How often do you write?
  16. Which Hindu God or Goddess do you feel most connected to?

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