Family Guy Master Quiz

are you a family guy master complete hthis quiz and see and mayby you'll prove to be that master of all things family guy and be known throughout time

do you think you can be a master of family guy then your in the right place have a great time and good luck and good guessing i doubt you'll disapoint

Created by: Morgan Lindell
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  1. What type of animal is Peters fathers version of Brian
  2. What made the Evil Monkey evil?
  3. What was Quagmires reason for never seeing the show who's the boss
  4. Complete this phrase "no one messes with ____"
  5. What is the name of the old man who lives down the street from the griffins and has a crush on Chris
  6. Megs first boyfriend who had picnics with her was
  7. in order to teach a british girl proper american english stewie used the phrase
  8. The star wars episode of Family guy was entitled
  9. when he was shipped to war peter dressed like a ____ because "the enemy would be looking for army guys"
  10. During lois and peters leather nighttime the safty word was what
  11. Cleveland lost his ability to be an auctioneer after what happened
  12. in the episode where joe gets the abilit to walk again who is it who re-cripples him in the end
  13. peter had to settle for the name petoria instead of peterland for his country because
  14. for what reason does Peter give Meg to Mort and Neil
  15. Stewie wears what during a sexy party
  16. what is the name of the episode where peter descovers hes retarded
  17. what is the name of peters jewish money man

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