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There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Take this family guy quiz to prove your knowlegde. And see if you are a fan worthy enough to know about this super terrific problems!

Test you geniusness! Let's see your greatest power at knowledge when it comes to family Guy trivia! You are worthy if you win this honorable quiz. You'll find out soon enough!

Created by: Vincent

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  1. What is Peter's boss Mr. Weed's first name?
  2. When Brian moves into Jillian house and tells her he didn't want to do it. First she runs away. What does she do after this episode?
  3. What is Brian Griffin's first name?
  4. What is Brian's gay cousin's name
  5. Who is Brian's son or stepson?
  6. Who did Thelma {peter's mom} have sex with and get pregnant?
  7. Who is Peter Griffin's evil brother?
  8. Who is Lois Pewterschmidt Griffin's sister?
  9. Who is Peter's great great great great grandfather?
  10. Who does stewie kill in his plot to take over the world in Stewie Kills Lois?

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