Are You A Master Dragonologist?

There are dragons out there, and Master dragonologists, too. What is a dragonologist? They are people who study the field of Dragonology, and, of course, dragons. There are many dragons, many dragonologists, but very few Master Dragonologists.

Are YOU a Master Dragonologist? There are very few, and only dragons pick the Masters. You have to know a lot of dragon info. Do you know dragons well enough? Are you smart enough to became a Master Dragonologist? In this quiz, that reviews the basics of Dragonology, I am the dragon, and I shall decide. You must gain 100% to become a Master Dragonologist. Oh, and, Good luck! :)

Created by: Emily

  1. Which of the following dragons lives in the mountains?
  2. Which dragon lives in the jungle?
  3. How many kinds of dragons live in the Prairie and Steppe?
  4. A Frost Dragon's lair is most likely to be a:
  5. A Knucker is a about how long?
  6. Which of the following is a European Dragon's attack?
  7. Is a Frost Dragon a eastern or western dragon?
  8. Lindworms are western dragons.
  9. In the east, dragons are treated with respect and are honored.
  10. The Asian Lung's egg was once thought to be a:
  11. Tibetan Dragons are mainly ___ in color.
  12. Wyverns are the ___ form of dragon.
  13. Which dragon was thought to be extinct?
  14. One of the Wyvern's attacks is dropping from great heights.
  15. Amphitheres are about how tall?
  16. A dragon's fire can reach ___ degrees!
  17. A dragon will eat its prey whole if its:
  18. At 24 months in the egg, the dragon develops a (some) --- --- that it needs to break out of he egg.
  19. At birth, a male dragon has smaller horn and a narrower tail than the female.
  20. The larger species of dragon seek mates every ___ years or so.
  21. When courting, males will attempt to gain favour with his bride by presenting her with what?
  22. Dragons love a good riddle.
  23. Only a true Dragonmaster can be seen in a dragon's:

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