Xiaolin Showdown Test

Xiaolin masters get one of the two top ranks and if you can than I think that you should be called master of the show and if not you should always have trust and faith that you will win the grand prize of the master rank.

Are YOU a Xiaolin master? If you are you can only wonder until you prove it by taking this brain hurting test and breezing through the ranks. I hope you got one of the highest scores and if you hope you are an Omi. in a few minutes you will learn how smart you are.

Created by: Will
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  1. What happens to Jack when he goes into the Ying Yang world?
  2. How many dots does Omi have?
  3. Which shen gong wu does Wuya use to turn back into a human?
  4. What is the name of Clay's sisters gang?
  5. What shen gong wu does Clay's sister keep?
  6. Who rises to apprentince last?
  7. Who rises to leader?
  8. What kind of creatures can Wuya make with her powers?
  9. What is the first shen gong wu revealed?
  10. How many shen gong wu were revealed in the episode Royal Rumble?

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