Fairy Tail Trivia I

I will forever be a fan of Fairy Tail. I'm proud to say that I am a hard-core fan. I love the colors, the characters, the twists and turns: everything! But there is a slight lack of good Fairy Tail trivia on this site.

How well do YOU know Fairy Tail? Prove your knowledge in this 40 question quiz of some of the hardest questions about this anime. Don't say I didn't warn you! (May contain spoilers.) Questions with asterisks (*) were created by my sister!

Created by: Melissa Kim
  1. Let's start with something easy. What guild did Juvia Lockser originally appear in?
  2. What is Cana's Last name?
  3. *What did Angel exchange for her new magic?
  4. What did Natsu say upon seeing Lisanna in Edolas?
  5. Who killed the future version of Lucy?
  6. What is Millianna obsessed with?
  7. *What was Everlue looking for?
  8. What arc was Loke first introduced in?
  9. *Why did Levy think that she would win Bingo?
  10. Who won Bingo?
  11. *What's Frosch's little catch phrase?
  12. *What was Lucy the most worried about when she switched bodies with Gray?
  13. Who was Hibiki Lates' girlfriend before her death?
  14. Which couple gets married?
  15. What are all the ages of the Thunder Legion (Thunder God Tribe/Raijinshu)?
  16. Who is the oldest member of the Thunder Legion?
  17. *What is Erza's most powerful armor?
  18. *What does the guild Sabertooth II think that only they have?
  19. What is the main difference between Earthland and Edolas Hughes?
  20. Which weapon has the ability to turn good people bad and make bad people good?
  21. What is the main type of magic that Loke uses?
  22. What does Mirajane call Lucy?
  23. Who was the fifth Fairy Tail guild master?
  24. What was Sting's former name?
  25. How do Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy begin their battle?
  26. What does Evergreen envy about Erza Scarlet?
  27. What is the name of the warship belonging to Blue Pegasus?
  28. Who was possessing Jellal Fernandes?
  29. What was Lyon Vastia's childhood dream?
  30. Who gave Natsu the scar on his neck? (OVA 5, I believe)
  31. What is the weakest team in Fairy Tail?
  32. What did Bacchus take as his "trophy"?
  33. What is Wally and Richard's last name?
  34. What is Edolas-Levy's occupation?
  35. What is the weakness of the illegal magic Bora used?
  36. What generation of dragon slayers are implanted with a dragon slayer lacrima? (Choose the best answer.)
  37. With the exception of Wendy Marvell, what is all dragon slayers' common weakness?
  38. Who is the ruler of Extalia?
  39. Who served as Fairy Tail's Master twice?
  40. What is the last letter of Freed's surname?

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