Which Fairy Tail female mage are you?

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Lucy Heartfilia, a traveling Mage, meets Natsu Dragneel, a Mage looking for his foster parent, a Dragon named Igneel, with his best friend, Happy, a talking and flying cat. Shortly after their meeting, Lucy is abducted by Bora of Prominence, who was posing as Salamander of Fairy Tail, to be sold as a slave. Natsu rescues her and reveals that he is the real Salamander of Fairy Tail and has the skills of a Dragon Slayer, a form of Lost Magic. He offers her membership into the guild, which she gladly accepts. They, along with the armored Mage Erza Scarlet, Ice-Make Mage Gray Fullbuster, and Happy, become a team performing various missions offered to the Fairy Tail Guild.

Do you love Fairy Tail? If yes, please come and try out my quiz! It will take you about 5 minutes to find out which female character you resemble from Fairy Tail!

Created by: Happy The Cat
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. What kind of Mage are you?
  3. What is your personality like?
  4. What would you do if the guy you like confessed to you?
  5. Which celestial spirit are you like?
  6. Which guy do you like?
  7. During which season were you born in?
  8. What kind of hairstyle do you like?
  9. Which subject is your forte?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Fairy Tail female mage am I?