Which Fairy Tail Guy Is Right For You?

Fairy Tail is especially known for its strong mages, each having their own unique personality and powers. Out of its large range of good-looking members, only one will be right for you.

Which character suits you the most? Is it Natsu or Gray? Or maybe even Loki or Luxus? How about Gazille or Elfman? Take this fun quiz to find out which Fairy Tail guy is right for you!

Created by: Fumiko-chan
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  1. Your guy must be...
  2. First impressions: you're walking down the street and somehow slip and fall. His reaction as a total stranger?
  3. He's got a crush on you. How does he act around you?
  4. Let's say you two are going out. One day, he comes pick you up from work, but instead sees you happily chatting away with some other guy who obviously likes you. His reaction?
  5. Let's say you're having a bad hair day...to be frank, it looks like a bird nest. What would he say about it if asked?
  6. He gets into a car accident and is sent to the hospital, but the person informing you on this tells you it's nothing too serious. Your reaction?
  7. Out of the choices below, pick the object that most resembles your personality. (Or just pick the one you like best)
  8. Which one of these personality traits annoy you the most?
  9. You guys are eating gummy bears. There's only one left and you want it. What does he do?
  10. White or Black?

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