Dragonology Quiz

So you think that you are a true DRAGON MASTER? Dragon numbers are decreasing as we speak. We need a true DRAGON MASTER to help preserve and protect dragons! lets test your knowledge and see how you get on!

Do YOU have what it takes? Can you become the next DRAGON MASTER? In this quiz there will be questions testing what you already know about dragons. Who knows! You could learn something new!

Created by: Fat_Fox_125

  1. Are Lindworms dragons?
  2. What is the cult favourite among dragon raisers?
  3. Which of the following are sub species of European dragons and Knuckers?
  4. What dragon is native to the Australian Outback?
  5. If you came across some dragon eggs in the woods, would you...
  6. The aztecs worshiped a god, Quetzalcoatl. which of these dragons did they get the idea from?
  7. where are you most likely to find... A European Dragon
  8. Where are you most likely to find... A Knucker
  9. How many heads does a regular Multiheaded dragon have?
  10. How does a hydra reproduce?
  11. How many toes does the Japanese Ryu have?
  12. What animals will the cockatrice NOT eat?
  13. How would you approach a big dragon?
  14. The______has_sets of_____.
  15. The_______has_______spray that is highly________.

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