Familyguy TRIVIA

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Take this family guy quiz and we'll see how far you've gotten on episodes! We really hope you good luck and this contains about every single detail you should know about family guy. So let's se how good you are!

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for this elite family guy QUIZ? Well then come on and let's see what you've got. Thanks to this terrific quiz, you'll find out if you're a true family guy master, or just some stupid pushover.

Created by: David
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  1. Who does Lois Griffin have an affair with?
  2. When did Meg show her boobs first?
  3. Who is Cleveland Brown's brother?
  4. Who was Peter Griffin's grandpa?
  5. What is Mickey Mcfinnigan's middle name?
  6. Why did Brian owe Stewie money? And be very specific. Don't just tell me they had a bet. What was the bet?
  7. When did Luke Perry turn out to be gay?
  8. Who is Patrick Pewterschmidt's unknown sister?
  9. Has Meg tried to rape Brian?
  10. Are they're parts in episodes where stewie looks like a gay?

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