FCCLA Trivia Questions

There are many smart people out there, but few true FCCLA geniuses. Is your knowledge extensive enough to understand leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education?

This FCCLA quiz will test your brain power to its full extent. If you aren't completely skilled in FCCLA trivia, then this quiz will exploit that weakness to the fullest.

Created by: Matt West
  1. What does the acronym FCCLA stand for?
  2. What is the FCCLA website address?
  3. What are the official FCCLA colors?
  4. What are the three R's of STOP the Violence?
  5. Who can join FCCLA?
  6. When did FCCLA celebrate its 50th anniversary?
  7. What is the name of the national FCCLA magazine for members?
  8. What is the "agenda"?
  9. Which program's logo features a seat belt?
  10. What are the three areas of the Student Body program?
  11. What does NLM stand for?
  12. During which month is the National Leadership Meeting?
  13. Which activity is directed toward new members?
  14. What does the acronym STAR stand for?
  15. Which program strengthens leadership skills on the job?
  16. What is the Junior STAR category?
  17. What is the only STAR Event where costumes/uniforms are not allowed?
  18. What category does a team composed of both junior comprehensive or occupational and senior comprehensive members enter?
  19. Which STAR Event requires that a member fill out an application for employment?
  20. Which national program has a torch as its logo?

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