Resident Evil Trivia

This is one of my easiest RESIDENT EVIL quizzes ever. Lets see if you can pass these before you get the harder questions. Once you have passed these I will put up the harder questions concerning RESIDENT EVIL things. Lets see if you are good as you think you are. Take this quiz and find out.

If you think you're good at RESIDENT EVIL Trivia, then take this test to see how well you do. If you are as good as you think you are, then you won't have a problem getting all these questions right. But then again only by trying this quiz will you know how good you really are. Good luck on this quiz.

Created by: bruce turner
  1. Who did Claire call a cross dressing freak in resident evil code veronica?
  2. Who was the original voice actor for Albert Wesker in the first game?
  3. What does Claire refer to Alfred's base as?
  4. Ed Smaron did the voice talents for how many resident evil character in the original ps version?
  5. How old was Wesker when he made chief researcher at the Arklay mountain facility?
  6. What is the original name for Barry Burton's hand gun in both original and remake version of resident evil?
  7. In Resident Evil the movie, the code 12177 was input in the red queens door keypad, which actors birthday is this?
  8. What are the only two resident evil games that allowed the use of a side pack?
  9. How many weeks did the cast and crew of resident evil have to go to military training?
  10. How many times was the licker seen in the first resident evil movie?
  11. What female actress was supposed to play the role of Jill but didn't due to other commitments?
  12. How many minutes was the actor who played the nemesis able to wear his costume for, due to it being big and bulky not to mention hot?
  13. In Resident Evil, Alice asked "One" how long the effects of the gas was, what is the first word that One said?
  14. On the bed where Alice finds her dress skirt, how many pillows are on the bed?
  15. When Alice walks outside the mansion, how many columns are on the left side of the walkway? Remember I said right after she walks outside.
  16. How many months did Milla have to do the same stunt for? (This is the stunt where she runs across the wall and kicks the dog through the window?
  17. What was Chris Redfield's job in the air force before his dishonorable discharge?
  18. Before she made Her debute in Resident evil how many movies did Michele Rodriquez play in?

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